Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Whose World Is It, Anyway?

This post is actually my own comments/reaction to the posts by Laspapi, Tinuke, and Catwalq, I find it interesting that the usual scapegoats for this kind of forum are men. Meanwhile, the problem, as some people had already pointed out, is from other women.

Question: Who rules the world?

Answer: 80% of men agree that its the women. I still think only foolish men believe its a man's world. Remember the story of the head and the neck? For any woman out there who still believe that men rule the world, I say, talk to your mothers, they know better.

'The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world'. Read Chinweizu's 'Anatomy of Female Power' (still available on Amazon, I think).

The female of every kind is usually responsible for its organization into units etc. The male is just along for the ride (He is just 'organized' by a seemingly superior intelligence with or without his consent). Humankind is no different.

Women set up society for their own purposes and to perpetuate the matriarchal hegemony, it became necessary to set up a set of myths one of which is this myth of being the 'weaker' or 'fairer' sex as against the 'stronger' (read brutish) or 'unfairer' sex.

This imposes a burden on Man - poor Man - which he spends the whole of his earthly life trying to shake off but at every turn he is accused of being 'unfair'. Nothing he does is ever right. He has to deal with Woman on her moral high ground which she has set herself by virtue of being the 'victim' in every situation - even the ones she set up herself.

Question: Who set the rules?
Answer: Woman.

Lets take them one by one.

Virginity: Who complained most when Brave One in Catwalq's story married Lost Lady?

Go and check, it was his mother! OK and maybe his sisters. I am sure his father, the Church Elder would have relented eventually (men have a way of letting such things slide) but the poor man would have had no rest in the bedroom from his wife's constant nagging.

Polygamy: Who instituted polygamy? (I know some guys will go 'Men, abi?')

It was the women! With all the inter-tribal wars and sorts going on then, it was necessary to take care of the women who were widowed and the responsibility fell on the more aggressive males in the society who were usually already married. As man no be wood and woman sef no be stone, the practices were formalized and consummated by - you guessed right- stupid men!.

Question: And when a man's gra-gra is getting too much in the society, who takes care of him?
Answer: Women. Go and read Soyinka's 'The Lion and The Jewel' again and discuss what happened to Baroka in the hands of Sidi & the other women in not more than 3 words (He Gat Fcuked!). And did I say A-B-A-C-H-A?

All mammals have hymen one way or the other but a female gorilla that has never mated is not more valuable (holier) than the one that has ten mates. We humans have glorified virginity even to the level of godliness.

Make I no go yarn enter trouble before a fatwa is placed on my head. Let's just say that the Prophet (SAW) did not discount the advise of women in laying down the rules as we now know them - particularly those of his wife.

FGM: I was in Nairobi, Kenya earlier in the year and got talking with some ladies from East Coast - Kenya, Eritrea, Somalia, Uganda, Zambia and Tanzania - and we got talking about 'female circumcision' (an oxymoron, if you ask me).

My ears opened at that discussion! In parts of Somalia and Eritrea, circumcised females actually have their own cult! It was explained to them - by the older women- that that was their own way of equalizing the sexes.

Since men were circumcised, women too are circumcised. (NOTE: I used present tense). All the ladies with me from that side were circumcised. By choice.

Even the flesh cutting act itself is carried out by women.

Talking about cults. Practically everything I know about the Oro cult, I learnt from - guess - my mother! (My Papa na 'enlightened' Lagos man. He didn't know jack about such things).

The conversation ended something like this:

Nimmo: .. but Mama Nimmo, you're not supposed to know about this thing like this now. You are a woman.

Mama Nimmo: Sharrapyamouth! Omode nse e. Who do you think started the whole thing?

You. Answer the question.

If women do all these and more to themselves, why blame us men? Look, its bad enough that we are largely passengers (spectators) in your world but its not fair to be accused of everything that goes wrong.

You chop the yam finish, you take oil rub my lips and you accuse me of starving you.

Give us some slack. Please.


zerkhezi said...

im first, yay!!!

zerkhezi said...
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CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

I have to come back cos I am late for class... for now what I will say is that I agree and then again, don't agree.....

zerkhezi said...

Very true, women rule the world. They are in control of the men who think they rule it. typical example is things i've sworn that i wouldnt do in the presense of other men, i've succumbed to doing with the bribe of french kiss and the small hint of the promise of a blowjob. Many times, they are wiser, more patient, more loyal, they see clearly (without the influence of testosterone). its uncanny how they make us feel guilty for shit that isn't our fault,it's all part of the control mechanism. That guilty feeling handicaps decision making. When u can't ask your fellow men for advise cos ur collectively 'clueless' , where do we turn to, WOMEN.
Female circumcision, deep subject. Only thing i can say is unless you're in/understand the culture behind it,don't climb any pedestals(for all those who are going to come here and say it's wrong). I know nothing of cultures that practice it so i've got nothing to say.If its done to equalise the sexes, then maybe it's some kind of intrinsic reward for being the 'fairer' sex.

nice post

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

Women do not know that they have the power because they have allowed themselves to be manipulated into a position where it is the identity that is handed to them after men have carved out theirs that they accept

anonymous gal said...

catwalq has said it all.

N.I.M.M.O said...

@ZER: Nna, you get the point. Thanx for stopping by.
@Catwalq: Women dont know?! M'Sis, I think they do just that they dont know what to do with the power. This is because most men have learnt to stop contending and in the absence of contention, power does not serve its wielder.
How do I explain this? 'The hand that rocks the cradle' determines (carves and hands out) identities.
That hand rules the world. Thanx.

@AnonGal: Did she? Thanx for stopping by.

pamelastitch said...

I only came by to say,


Please,men stop blaming women and start taking responsibilities....

lulu said...

its God's world! just passed by... intrersting blog

zerkhezi said...

tag, visit my blog for details

Nneka's World said...

yep we rule the world and catwalq said it all.

I think that men are the catalyst

Afrobabe said...

Not forgeting Samson,abi whats his name agaiin..He was brought down by a woman,Eve/Adam..Even king solomon was brought down by a woman...

Queen of My Castle said...

I think you have a point here, but I think that men and women equally rule the world. Men rep the physical strength, protection, and provider role of God, and women rep the heart, emotions, and insticts of God, together forming the ideal form of man in totality, but this is just my opinion.

Funny post, troublemaker! LOL

laspapi said...

There's a poem by Rudyard Kipling: The gist of it is the female of the specie is more dangerous than the male.
It says the female is not allowed to sit at council because she is more dangerous and will remove anything that stands in the way of all that is hers

N.I.M.M.O said...

@PAM: Yeah! Wharever. Thats the attitude to these things otherwise one would just die of hypertension.
@Lulu: Its GOD's world, truly.
@ZER: Got your tag. Still processing the info. And the Portugese.
@Nneka: Correct Babe who knows the value of a man. As a catalyst for becoming the best she can be.
@Afrobabe: more like putting the men in their place abi? But he that is down needs fear no fall...
@daQueen: Man in Totality! Nice concept which I am sure was developed by a woman. I agree however that each sex finds its completeness in GOD and GOD only. Me? Trouble maker?
@Laspapi: Fear the female of any species o. Men can sit in about ten councils to decide on one issue. Women need to meet only once to decide on many things. Remember Beijing?

@ALL: Many thanx for stopping by.


Refinedone said...

...I think its time BOTH sexes take responsibility...the finger pointing i find a bore.

Man or Woman none are perfect.

...but I must be honest, we women can be our own worst enemy (sisterhood, i beg no vex, but na true i talk)

omo-obanta said...


when it comes to getting paid equally as men (outside nigeria, don't think oddly enough that we have this particular issue IN nigeria), or getting equal jobs or getting respect (if margaret thatcher had been a man no one would have dissed her that much) for our work in the home and in the office. having all sorts of stereoptypes to conform to. Getting stoned after being raped. being raped. being told you're less intelligent.

I will say this. Some women appear to be in control but the rest of us masses are just suffering because o f them.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with every word

The world is led by women thats why its the way it is

Women can be the gentlest creatures and the most vile too

Women have wahala i swear they make life miserable for their fellow women

We gossip fabricate and destroy relationships with our mouth instead of nuturing them

Women get jealous easily over the most minute simple things

We bring each other down.....
Enof said b4 they start attacking me

But guess what u guys cannot live without us still


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