Thursday, October 4, 2007

So Much Things to Say..

'I can never forget -no way - dey crucified Jeh-sos Christ!
I can never forget -no way- dey sold Marcus Garvey for rice!
Dont you forget -no use- who you are and where you stand in the struggle.
Hey, we gat so much things to say right now, (we gat) so much things to say.

Okay. That was Bob Marley. I always wondered what crucifying Jeh-sos Christ got to do with selling Marcus Carvey for rice but I guess its all about the rhyme. Not about the reason, just the rhyme. And yes, I gat so much to say but I dont know where to start.

Question. Who send me sef? Abi na by force to blog?
Answer: Thank you o, na so dem dey ask person. No blame me o. Na jeje jeje I siddon for my house (a la K-1), my wife (Yes, I'm married. See my ring) had bought a copy of the True Love magazine and there was the picture of dis cutie dem call BimbyLads. Of all the bloggers profiled,na she just cash me pass, so the next day, I went to her site and read everything she had ever written (I'm still reading o. Dat girl can write.)

From BimbyLads, I got introduced to all the other Naija bloggers and I kept reading and reading. Then I read Ubong Da and I couldn't help leaving a comment. And then, I thought 'Hey, I can do this!". And then, I come and resolve to start a blog. And then, I come and start looking for a blog name. And I come and decide on N.I.M.M.O. Then, I come and start and register. Then, I come and start. And then, I come and have writer's block. And then, I come and meet all these wonderful peeps who keep urging me on (Edumare bless una jare). And then, I come and become the favourite blog of the Anonymous Community (Ndi Anonymous) on Blogland (they cant touch this). And then, and then, and then... are you still reading?

I'll be back!



cally-waffybabe said...

LMAO for real. Wait o, dude, so dem dey sell True Love Magazine for Afghanistan? Abeg i dey similar city for Kabul. Biko direct me where to buy...LOL.

Good start dude, good start. But nuff poems for now abeg; we already gat Sparkle for that. Nack us beta tory about that ya Utuks abi Inyangette Motors trip jare.
See just gave you a story to start on. I'll holla!!!

Mrs Somebody said...

Make up your mind N.I.M.M.O......To blog or not to blog,that is the question.
Nice start anyways.Keep blogging.

Ubong Da said...

Hmm I still dey wait that ur juicy escapade on the bus o. No let my peppersoup cold before you yarn the gist. shoo gbo

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