Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sweet Maria (or What Would My Boyfriend Do?)

I was just about four months on my new job. I was the youngest Manager in a group of companies with interests in manufacturing, Oil & Gas and Consulting. But it was a one man business and many people could not understand why I would leave a multinational company for a one-man business. Me too.

I got a title. A big office. And in the time I had been there, by GOD's grace, there was a lot of improvement in the operations and turnover of the company. The MD would not stop boasting to everybody that I was worth every kobo spent to lure me to join the Group.

One morning, the MD called me to his office and there was the Head HR and another young lady of about 20 with him in the office. I knew she was his first daughter. I had heard about her. Her name was Maria. She was a final year student in UI and was home due to the ASUU strike. So?. Her Dad wants her to work while she's home and the factory would be her first port of call. OK.

Niceties over, I took her to the factory and simply handed her over to the Production Manager. Abi, what's my own? Na work I come work. Besides, na small girl. I see her around and of course we Hi, Hi but nothing really close.

The factory was about one kilometer away from the 'office' which was basically a duplex sharing a compound with another duplex where the MD lives with his family. The two buildings are separated by a wall and an interconnecting gate through which people pass from the 'house' to the 'office'.

One fine morning I was in the office alone (I usually get to the office very early. Allows me time to do some work before people come around), when Maria walked in. She was wearing this short, white terry robe and a pair of slippers. Short, as in just below the crotch!

Maria would not win many pageants in the face department but she got a body! And she had this milk chocolate skin (result of genetic combination from a Yoruba Dad and an Igbo Mum). The robe actually allowed 'maximum exposure'.

'Good Morning.'
'Good Morning, whats up?'
'Mummy says I should take her somewhere today so I will not be going to the factory and I want to have your permission.'
'Well, you will have to ask the PM not me.'
'Ah, but I cant wait for him to come. We will be leaving shortly.'
'So, you should have told him yesterday'
'I didn't know by then'
'Well I'm sorry I can't help you there'

Then she sidled over, holding my hand and pouting like you know how little girls do when they want something. Rubbing her chest on my hand. Or vice versa.
'Pleeeaaase nowwwww'
I stepped back and freed myself.
'Satan get thee behind me. Abi iru temptation wo leleyi? L'aro kutukutu? Alakoba omo.'

At that moment, I heard the door of the Head HR's office open down the hall, so I said
'OK. Go and tell HR. She would take care of it'

Sincerely, I didn't know what to make of that encounter. Was it a setup? Or just coincidence?

Fast forward a few weeks. I needed to attend the funeral of a friend's Dad in Ijebu-Ode and would be out of the office for a few days. I gave adequate notice to the MD. And I probably mentioned it to a few people. I was to leave on Thursday afternoon.

Tuesday afternoon, MD calls me and says 'Maria wants to go see some of her friends in Ijebu Ode but I'm afraid she doesn't know anywhere so please let her tag along with you and drop her on your way there. Oh, of course you can take my car and driver'.

How for do? Me wey no get motor before. The girl obviously had Daddy Dear wrapped around her little pinkie.

We left Lagos for I-Ode around noon. We were both seated at the back. Mr. Samson, the driver was doing his thing. All through the ride, she just leaned back with eyes closed like she was sleeping.

We get to the town center.

'OK, so where do you want to go?"
'I dont know'
'Where's your friends' addresses?'
'I dont have it'
'So how're you gonna locate your friends now?'
'I dont know'
'So what are you gonna do now?'
'Where are you staying?
Excuse me. Did you get my question? What has where I'm staying gotta do with this?
'OK. Where's Gateway Hotel?'
'Oh, is that where your friends stay? Or close by there?'
'No. Thats where I want to stay.'

Logic says: You dont have your friends' addresses. You dont know anybody in this town. You cant call anyone. (No GSM then). Its still daylight, you can go back to Lagos.
She says: I want to stay at the Gateway Hotel.

'Well, I understand the Gateway Hotel is pretty rundown by now (like all government things), I prefer the newer Yisade Hotel'. Me and my oversabi.
'So I will stay there too'. End of story.

We get to Yisade. Got rooms on the same floor. I got a double-room. (I always get a double room). She got a single. What about Mr. Samson? Really not my business. Right? At about 5pm, I was ready to attend the Wake Keeping, so I pop in to ask if she wants to come along. She agreed. We went.

We got back around 9pm and I went straight to my room. About 30 minutes later, there was a knock on my door. I was in shorts and a tee shirt. She was standing there in the same terry robe. Carrying her bag.

'I gave my room to Mr. Samson. I couldn't leave him to sleep in the car. So we will have to share for tonight. Tomorrow, we will sort it out.'

Something in the way she said it just didn't gel. Then it hit me! All the moves. All the shakara. She had no friends in Ijebu Ode. No addresses. It was all a setup. She was right where she wanted. And she had me right where she wanted me.

OK Now. Me sef no dey carry last. I had been in Mugu mode all along. Sharp sharp I switched into Playa mode. No be say I no sabi. I was just respecting my old age. I had just come out of a relationship that ended rather untidily and I didn't want any further complications.

She swayed into the room and sat down on the bed.

'What is it? Are you afraid to share?'. Patting the bed beside her.
'Not really. Just wondering what your boyfriend would say to all these.' Try this. It works.
'All what?'. Coy smile playing on her lips
'All these sleeping on the same bed with another guy.'

Her next question stumped me.

'If you were my boyfriend, what would you do?'

In one quick step, I was standing beside her and she seemed to rise up simultaneously to meet me. We were like a whirlwind.

Lips found each other. She had full, wide lips. Hands groping. Seriously searching. Trying to touch every part of the other. The terry robe went first. And her body could be summed up in one word. Pubescent. Puppy fat everywhere. She had rather large breasts - soft, firm globes and wide hips Why hadn't I seen all these before?

After the initial flurry, I noticed a hesitation about her. Was she going to change her mind? . I pushed slightly and she laid back on the bed as I kissed her all over; claiming the territory. What was that look in her eyes?

I kissed her eyes, her lips, her breasts, her stomach and the thatched, slightly bulging mound between her thighs. She squirmed. I kissed her up and I kissed her down. She looked up at me with such liquid eyes. She looked lost. Then I understood why.

She was a virgin!

She had set me up to be her first!


badderchic said...

Na me first reach hia? Ekwe o! Ekwe O ekwe O! Ekwe

where is my parcel?

badderchic said...

Ehen bros...did you come and count bridge in Lagos? abi you no shop smarties when you small? dont be selfish, if she want it? you give it haba!

20 yas ol? what are these shildren turning to?

so as a bad guy you represent. Im proud of you

cally-waffybabe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anonymous gal said...

wat happened? did u pluck the flower? buzz finish this story.

Ubong Da said...

Gaddam that was good o!. The babe sharp well well o.

During my years of waka waka I never had the pleasure of disvirgining anyone. na so life be jare.

Quick quick complete this stori o.

Queen of My Castle said...

Ay caramba! You have GOT to finish this story. Were you the official hymen breaker?! LOL

LOL @ Ubong not having the pleasure of disvirgining.

N.I.M.M.O said...

@ Shairlady! Dis one wey you dey sing Ekwe so, are we safe? Dont worry, your parcel is in the mail via NIPOST. You sef suppose trust now. How Bingo go see bone, he no go chop?

@ALL: As we say in Nollywood: Find out in Part 2. To GOD be the Glory. Many thanx for stopping by.

zerkhezi said...

Run for the hills!
any virgin that is that sharp should be avoided at all cost. As u said, alakoba omo!
Talkless of the juicy jist Mr samson wud report when he gets back, Md's daughter and all that ish.

pamelastitch said...

lol..so did you do the do...

Anonymous said...

So u browse am?abi d connection too slow?

Abeg finish ur tori

For some reason me thinks the parents mightve set all these up too

Maybe theyre tryn 2 have an intelligent son in law?

Abeg update ojare!

Calabar Gal said...

U r joking me?!?!?!?!

Lucinda said...

You write very well.

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