Monday, October 15, 2007

To Write Or Not To Write? That Is The Question.

I am sorry I have been off-base for some time now (which is my perfect excuse for not updating). More importantly, I have been thinking about this blog thing. What to write. What not to write. Where to start. Where to draw the line. etcetera.

I am a very good reader. In fact, I read anything. I am the guy who buys akara Ten Naira and keeps the newspaper wrapping to read later. I read billboards, posters, road signs, prescriptions (My Doctors have stopped trying to take anything past me. I can read any handwriting), anything . The guy you see driving slowly on 3rd Mainland bridge would probably be me reading the new billboards. Or on Kingsway Road, Ikoyi.

But when it comes to writing, I am probably the laziest writer in the world. Thats why good writers fascinate me. I still dey carry yansh for bloggers like BimbyLads (my blog inspiration y'all know by now). ONB (writes seemingly effortlessly). There's a centered calmness in the writings of da Queen (QoMC) and Tee Diva writes about sex like its a kinda holy ritual. Catwalq is one of those people who seem to write straight from the heart (like the thing just dey flow into the PC). Atutupoyoyo (damn good writer); Porter de Harcourt writes what I call PROSETRY. You need a special kind of knowledge of Yorunglish to write like Her Lyrical Badness, the Chairlady.

What about Toyin Tomato? 36 Inches? O.seyi? ExSchoolNerd (XSN)? Jaja? Mrs. Somebody? The Last King? Kokolette? Mr. Fineboy (Excuse me while I laugh). It takes a special skill to be able to write about nothing in general and everything in particular. People like me cant seem to write without a subject and even at that paapaa na wahala.

My main girl CWB (aka CGP aka NGGG) and Ubong Da, you know why I kept you till last? I just want to be like you guys when I grow up. These two people don corrupt me for my wife finish ehn? But how does one get to write about stuff without actually getting in your own way? I try to write stuff but I end up editing it all away. Talk about self censorship.

I am trying to develop a style of writing and I will be asking you guys to help me as time goes on.

What to write.
I will be rather random in my blogging. I will write about whatever catches my fancy. Its all about me right? I will write about stuff I had done and some I still do and I will do so as I remember/recall them (as per old age now).

What not to write
As I told you, I am married. I will not write about what I do with my wife. E no concern you.

When to write
As the Spirit directs ....

I must thank all those who have been encouraging me (e.g. CWB), threatening me (e.g. CWB) and even abusing me (Ndi Anonymous on other blogs) to update. What can I do without you guys?


PS. Is it only me or does anyone else notice a similarity in the writing styles of Waffarian and CWB? Is it the Waffy connection or what?


cally-waffybabe said...
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cally-waffybabe said...
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BiMbyLaDs** said...

lollllllll... this Nimmo sef I carry yansh ( all be it my yoruba small yansh) for u!! lol. u write so well. i really enjoyed that post!! lol..u should write more often jare..

Queen of My Castle said...

It seems you already have a knack for writing about everything and nothing at all, the best kind in my opinion. I think I am starting to love this blog of yours even more. Nix that self censor-ship and just keep it moving papi. Nothing like being laid bare via your writings. Very liberating. ;-)

N.I.M.M.O said...

@CWB: Babes, Na you carry first, na you carry second. Na you biko. You have such a good heart, you take every thing as a compliment. I really mean the Waffy thing. Check it out. I was almost tempted to think you were one and same person but the 'subjects' were just so different (Ahem). I am even inspired to write about Warri soon. I am so encouraged (threatened) by you that I will write about the Night Bus stories very soon. Abeg, just a likkle patience.

@BimbyLads: HA! (typical Yoruba man) a whole BimbyLads came to my blog! You for don give me about two days notiss o! I for kill ponmo to entertain you. Many thanx for your kind comments jare.

@daQueen: O where was I when da Queen left her Castle and came to my humble abode? Many thanx again for stopping by. And I am actually inspired to do more now.

Thanx y'all.


Mrs Somebody said...

N.I.M.M.O....this post was nice and on point.
Those top bloggers you mentioned write too well.UP NAIJA!!!
You really need to update this blog more often( Look who's if I update mine)!
As for CWB....ehn? I did what?? Me ke? Corrupt you? you are on your own-o!
All I did was give you the link to my blog and goodness knows how you found yourself at Ubong da's.

cally-waffybabe said...
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Anonymous said...

helloooooo.... awwwwwwww... you're such a sweetheart... a wonder that i havent been here before today... anyways thats neither here nor there.. i havent been doing much blog reading... or writing lately... but to come and already see my name on this post self when its just my first time here... i'm a FANN>.. haha.. if you like you can write about cattle steroid use in paris or the 'malaria epidemic plaguing the royal family'... even about the price of metaphors in singapore.. and i will still come by and read... lol(and yes i realized that i rhymed the phor and pore... someone get me a bloody record deal.. lol)... in your 'non-writing'... you have already written a lot.. i'll be back hommie

(and dude.. i thought i was a reader... its funny cos i'm always reading something or writing in my head... i swear i have half-realized metaphors about 29 different subjects in my head at almost all times... i have issues.. hopefully i'll be able to deal with them by the time i'm done university... if not... i'll be paying a lot in therapist bills... )

i ramble... so i'm out.. much love tho.

Ubong Da said...

we spoil u ke? impossible. shoo u whey dey receive better BJ for luxurious bus. Gaddam why ain't I so lucky eh. God Dey.

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