Thursday, August 21, 2008

Knowledge Is Power!

' Hookers got their title during the Civil War, when Gen. Joseph Hooker, of the Union Army, tried to boost morale by allowing prostitutes access to his troops. Quickly dubbed "Hooker’s girls," the prostitutes shortened the name to "hookers." The term stuck.

Now you know.

Insult Upon Injury!

This Georgia matter has bee on my mind since the last post and I have somehow been following the events in the news and on CNN/BBC/FOX/NTA. Okay, strike out NTA. Bust seriously ask me which one concern me for the matter sef.

The thing is assuming a new dimension now. It seems everybody is just hurling insults left, right and centre as if they are giving awards for the most painful insult.

First, Russian President fired his own salvo:

"The world has seen that even today, there are political morons who are ready to kill innocent and defenseless people in order to satisfy their self-serving interests, while compensating for their own inability to resolve complicated issues by using the most terrible solution -- by exterminating an entire people. I think that there should be no mercy for that. We will do our best not to let this crime go unpunished."

He was speaking at a visit to the military headquarters at Vladikavkaz, near the Russian-Georgian border. Each side accuses the other of "ethnic cleansing" during the conflict over South Ossetia, which erupted August 7.

The Wall Street Journal also reported the Russian newspaper Pravda writing the following
critical words about US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice:

The constant arrogance and hypocrisy of this failed female makes it that much more apparent that here is a person way out of her depth. Instead of regarding sensitive issues from a balanced viewpoint as she is supposed to do, this incompetent loud-mouthed, bad-mannered, [barnyard vulgarity]-mongering bimbo takes one side, ignores the other and then speaks down from a holier-than-thou platform as if she were on a lecture dias [sic].
This is not a classroom, Condoleeza Rice, and you are not a diplomat. You are a liar, a cheap, shallow, failed, wannabe actress on the diplomatic stage

At least American journalists (Keith Olbermann notwithstanding) don't engage in this sort of name-calling. Or do they? An Associated Press dispatch on John McCain's vice presidential prospects refers to Joe Lieberman as "the Democratic vice presidential prick in 2000 who now is an independent." C'mon, guys, we didn't like him then either, but that's no reason for name-calling.

The WSJ also reported about a guy who was asking GOD for rain on Obama's parade:

"An outdoor event, too, is ... vulnerable to unpredictable events. NBA and NHL games are hardly ever rained out. True, neither are NFL games, but they frequently are rained on. Some people are hoping that happens to Obama, as London's Telegraph reported last week:

Stuart Shepard of Focus on the Family, one of America's leading evangelical groups, was shown in a video filmed at Denver's Invesco Field, where 75,000 are expected to cheer Mr Obama on Aug 28, asking Christians to pray for "torrential" rain.
"I'm talking 'umbrella-ain't-going-to-help-you rain,' " the former pastor and television meteorologist said. . . .
Mr Shepard, director of digital media at Focus Action, the political arm of Focus on the Family, insisted the video was supposed to be "mildly humorous." But it was hastily removed by Focus on the Family after complaints from at least a dozen of its members. "If people took it seriously, we regret it," said Tom Minnery, a spokesman.

This prompted MSNBC oddball Keith Olbermann to name Shepard "worst person in the world." ... The Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader quoted Olbermann, who seems to believe that praying for rain is effective in achieving the result:

"It's not boyish humor, pal," Olbermann said last week. "There are droughts in North and South Carolina, parts of California, most of New Zealand, and this idiot who firmly believes he can induce rain by prayer is wasting it by asking his lord and savior to play a political prank. It's not boyish humor, and you're a selfish hypocrite."
Finally, the Washington Post ran a piece on Georgia's Recklessness that I liked.


What? You don't think this was an update?

Well, it is.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Georgia On My Mind

WTF was the President of Georgia drinking when he ordered his troops to attack Russia?

This one is a clear case of ' trouble sleep, yanga go wake am'. You know say you no go fit fight you go tap sleeping giant wey get boil for armpit. No be wahala you dey find?

Even if Russia was occupying land that they believe was theirs, why didn't he take the Cameroun Option and go to the World Court to state his case rather than attack. And the attack was on a Russia that had been looking for an opportunity to exert itself and use its rotting ammunition and restless soldiers.

Well, I understand that Russia has ordered a halt to all hostilities as they have ' punished' the aggressors. Exact wordsof Russian President Medvedev: "The aggressor has been punished and suffered very significant losses. Its military has been disorganized." Now the Russians are asking the Georgian army to disarm and quit another disputed region outside of South Ossetia. Can you imagine? Talk of insult upon injury.

While one may join Dubya in asking Russia to 'reverse' its aggression and return to pre August 7th positions, I think someone should also smack the Georgian President Mikheil Nik'olozis dze Saakashvili for his youthful adventurism (he's just 40) and unnecessary risk of the lives of his countrymen. The attack was a waste of lives and resources.

Hopefully sha, next time when dem see dem Mama boyfriend, dem go call am daddy.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Rule Of The Law

' ... But where say some is the King of America? I'll tell you Friend
He reigns above and does not make havoc of mankind like the royal brute of Britain
Yet, that we may not appear defective even in earthly honors
Let a day be solemnly set apart for proclaiming the charter,
Let it be brought forth and placed on the divine law, the word of GOD
Let a crown be placed thereon by which the world may know that
So far as we approve of monarchy, that in America
The Law is King!
- Thomas Paine in
Common Sense; January 1776

One word. Aondoakaa.

Mr. Michael Aondokaa is Nigeria's Attorney General and Minister of Justice. A very powerful position if you ask me. Right from the beginning of this government he had tried to make it very clear to all and sundry that he means business as far as the adherence to the dictates of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is - imperfect as it is. Some say it is incomplete.

More importantly, the President Umar Musa Yar'Adua (a.k.a UMYAwn) has also made it clear that he intends to follow ' the law' to the letter in every matter and situation. In fact, the way the man chants ' rule of the law' at every opportunity, I suspect that a marabout somewhere had probably appointed that for him as the talismanic mantra for him to succeed in government and hold all perils at bay.

No. I do not think it is bad for UMYAwn to want to distance himself, style-wise, from his immediate predecessor in office, who obeyed the law only whenever it suited him.

The problem is as far as I can see, to UMYAwn, Aondoakaa is 'the Law'.

Those who know the AGF describe him as a brilliant legal mind, a consummate court room combatant but like all humans , he has his flaws. Many contend that Aondoakaa is a bully. And the law is his weapon.

Remember the case of CBN Governor, Chuks Soludo and the 'redenomination' saga? When UMYAwn gave his approval and then reversed himself after Aondoakaa stepped into it? Of course, there is the Ribadu case too.

Some people have actually predicted that Aondoakaa will not rest until Ribadu is humiliated finished politically, career wise and otherwise.


As Chairman of the EFCC, Ribadu had consistently rubbed Aondoakaa's nose in the mud in their several encounters particularly in the case of ex Governor Joshua Dariye of Plateau state who was (is?) Aondoakaa's client. The EFCC had consistently hounded Dariye over some stolen public funds and Aondoakaa was on the legal team that represented him in those cases. The EFCC had used some under-hand tactics in getting Dariye removed from office and prosecuted. Even though till today, we do not yet have a verdict.

And so with Ibori. And so with Orji Uzo Kalu. And so with several others.

Obviously, Aondoakaa never forgets.


The recent demotion of 140 officers of the Nigeria Police has generated a lot of newspaper articles, blog postings and comments in the past week including this one at Solomonsydelle's. Personally, I had felt there was more to this saga than meets the eye.

Femi Falana's article here on the legal implications of the Ribadu &ors demotion is a brilliant submission in my opinion.

I have taken a ring side seat.

Let the fights begin.

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