Tuesday, April 8, 2008

E No Make Sense 2

After going through the comments on my last post, I went straight Solomonsydelle's and as usual she had laid out all the topics I wanted to rant about in an orderly fashion. Almost in alphabetical order. LOL.

Now everybody knows that I am a serious person. Well, at least you know, abi? I am not one to trivialize a serious issue particularly one that involves lives and reputations of people, right?

But sometimes, some things dont just make sense to me so I ask questions maybe I can deduce something therefrom. I arrange things into some kind of sequence and try to extract logic from that.

I have always said that I am not as bright as I look, so please bear with me.

Take for instance:

1. THE MYSTERY OF THE MISSING AIRCRAFT (Quote. Unquote. Solomonsydelle)

Now, walk with me through this:

James Onanefe Ibori, former Governor of Delta state is on trial for corruption and embezzlement while in office. He is reputed to have purchased practically everything purchasable between Asaba and Jo'burg and also in the USA. Including a Beechcraft plane among other crafts.

Over two weeks ago, the said Beechcraft plane (we were told) went off radar on a routine flight to Cross Rivers state to pick up the Governor Liyel Imoke who was going to Abuja to appear before the House Committee probing the expenditure of over $16 billion in five years by the last government of which he was a part, severally as Technical Adviser, Special Adviser, Head Technical Action Committee and Minister of Power and Steel. In short sha, the plane disappeared.

About twenty-four hours later, the Minister for Aviation as the competent Minister, announced that the wreckage of the crashed plane had been found by some villagers near Obudu, Cross River state and they were deploying emergency rescue teams to the site of the crash.

About twenty four hours later, the Ministry of Aviation retracted this story, saying that the Minister was misled into believing that the said crash site was of the plane in question. So, the plane did not crash, then what happened?

Several speculations, most plausible of which include:
- The plane strayed off-course and crashed in the deep rain forest jungles of Obudu far from civilization.
- The plane strayed off-course and crashed somewhere along the Nigeria-Cameroun border or in the Cameroun Mountains. Also, far from civilization.
- The plane strayed off-course and into Cameroun's security zone and was shot down by the Cameroun military forces.

Please note that all these speculations are going on in Nigeria in the 21st century! All the above would have made sense but for the following:

- If the said site reported by the villagers was not of the plane, then what happened there? Villagers are not stupid people. They were probably looking forward to a bounty or reward of some kind. Something must have happened at that site for them to call attention to it. There was probably a wreckage of something. What was it? A truck? Another plane? If so, which plane? What happened to it? When did it crash? How and why didn't the Ministry know about it?
- If the plane crashed in the forests, someone would have seen or heard it drop. A plane cannot crash without a noise. Even villagers know the difference between a plane in flight and one in distress. At least they know the sound of a crash and I dont think could have crashed without a sound. No matter how small it is, it is still bigger than most SUV.
- The most ludicrous is the one that the Cameroun military shot down the plane. In the first plane, it was a civilian plane and the Camerounians could see that. At worst, they would force it to land using military planes to guide it. Even if they shot it down in error, they are bound by conventions to report it. And even if they refused to do so, the Nigerian Intelligence Service has enough operatives on ground inside Cameroun to ferret out such information.

(OK, you probably did not know that the NIS exists right?)

Even if all the above can be explained away.

The plane had three crew members including the pilot on board. Nigerians all. Those guys are/were the breadwinners of their respective families and two weeks after they disappeared, no one from their families had gone to press with some story or the other. Omo eni ku, san ju omo eni so'nu lo.
We worry more over a lost child than a dead one. At least in death there is a certainty of the child's condition.

With the Nigerian's legendary penchant for theatrics, we have not had Professional Mourners Clubs paying daily pilgrimages to their respective homes to offer their condolences, real and imagined.

Are the crew of that Beechcraft plane dead or alive?

What exactly was that Beechcraft plane carrying? What was its cargo?

As if all that was not enough, just last weekend, James Onanefe Ibori, owner of the said Beechcraft plane - who had been known (actually thought) to be an Obasanjo acolyte and was actually very instrumental in the emergence of President UMYA as PDP candidate- was in a gathering that included Atiku Abubakar, former Vice President and Obasanjo's nemesis among other politicians at an event largely organized to dishonor Obasanjo.

He laughed like no man's business. He did not look like someone who'd just lost a plane.

Maybe its just me but e no make sense.

E no make sense at all.


Naija Chickito said...

You know what? I think you are absolutely right! The plane ain't missing. Some people know exactly where it is!

Well, let's watch this one unfold. It is bound to get even more dramatic.


Thanks for the link to my post. This plane wahala, na wa! I don tire. As i sit here I am cross eyed and weary after researching and investigating an issue for over 72 hours. A reader just stopped by my blog to inform me of some new million dollar scandal involving the election tribunal. So, what's a girl to do? There is no rest for the weary, so instead of taking a well deserved hour-power nap, I am off to catch up on the latest, and unfortunate scandal in my beloved Nigeria.

Oh, and back to the plane wahala...I will leave the speculations for fresher, more well-rested minds. Swing by Nigerian Curiosity (nigeriancuriosity.com) when you have the time and check out the latest post.

Take care and kisses to your baby and greeting to your iyawo.

Nine said...

Conspiracy theory:The pilot and crew are in a shallow grave,the plane itself has been sold,and the owner is looking forward to collecting the insurance money.

Hope you and your oriaku aren't losing too much sleep,what with the bambino and all :)

PS I'm only half-joking about the plane.

ablackjamesbond said...

Like u said, e no make sense...

...Omo eni ku, san ju omo eni so'nu lo...

...a colleague of mine lives on the same street as one of the cew members...they r all woried sick about her...they can't even mourn her properly...they are not sure she is dead or alive...ko make sense!

guerreiranigeriana said...

*rolls eyes in an attempt to refrain from cursing*...

Naapali said...

Ibori is laughing because most in Naija will not do as you have to try and put pieces together to make some sense. He is laughing because he knows we will shrug and say "God dey" and continue with our oppressed lives.

E no make sense indeed.

princesa said...

That whole missing plane business tire me sef!
I wish i could slap the laugh out of Ibori's mouth, stupid man!

Smaragd said...

hmmm... e no make sense at all!

pls dont get me started on the gazillion things that dont make sense in this my country, cuz i wont stop! i have sworn off newspapers and news stations, cuz am tired, tired of being lied to like i have a sieve for a brain!


how's ur baby?

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