Tuesday, April 1, 2008

E No Make Sense

Someone please help me to make sense of this.

When a patient dies, the Doctor could be liable for the death if she was found to be negligent in performance of her duties. The Doctor could go to jail and lose her license/practice.

A Teacher can lose his job when his students fail in their exams and he is found to be negligent. Even for an offence like groping a student or even selling handouts.

A Lawyer can be disbarred and lose his practice for conducts adjudged to be unprofessional.

Managers get fired everyday for performing below par or failing to meet agreed objectives.

Even sports people lose their places in the team or their positions and rankings due to a drop in performance. Clubs get relegated. Champions have their belts withdrawn.

But what happens when INEC messes up the elections in a whole state?


Give Iwu another 3 Billion Naira to organize 'fresh' elections!

Who is responsible for elections in Nigeria?

You mean you can decide to waste billions of Naira in organizing an election, run the elections like no man business and if anybody complains, tell them to go to court. If the courts nullify the elections and order a rerun, you simply present a fresh bill of quantities to the Treasury. Just like that.

I think there should be a law that if the results of an election is canceled even in an LG Ward, whoever was in charge should be summarily dismissed from whatever service without benefits. (Most INEC officials are career public servants on secondment.)And should be tried for sabotage.

Maybe the position of INEC Chairman should be rotated among the states, with each state guaranteeing its candidate to do a good job. In event of failure, the state will pay back to the nation the total amount expended on the election or the part considered flawed. Since the money is from deductions, each state has the option to sue the INEC Chairman.

From the Polling Station Officer to the INEC Chairman, each of them is liable for what happens in his area of jurisdiction/authority. Enough jail terms, without options of fines should be prescribed.

Maybe they will take elections more seriously. Maybe they will take the lives of Nigerians more seriously.

Maybe we should even privatize elections organization in Nigeria. Let companies bid for it and hold them according to agreed objectives and with specific milestones/performance indices. Failing which they dont get paid.

What happened in Kogi state this past weekend and will repeat itself in Adamawa and most likely Edo state too is a travesty of justice. The people just went to the polls again and elected Idris again. But who removed Audu's name from the ballot in the first place? Why? The buck must stop at someone's table. He must at least tell the nation why he did what he did.

Who is responsible? Why was nobody punished?

Well, somebody was punished, the people of Kogi state. Nigerians all.


Sasuke said...

Gunnas 4 life feels good to be the first 2 comment.

its been a while

Sasuke said...

men my guy na naija we dey,

'money talks bullshit walks' thats the order of the day man.

i honestly don't want to give my self a headache by just thinking about it.

first time here

badderchic said...

My good God, I have been away for so long, didnt hear you had a baby. O lord lord lord, I am sooooo happy for you. congratulations.

thanks for dropping by so often, I feel loved.

am I back? Kinda. sheck me out meen!

Ms. Catwalq said...

errrrrr, i will suggest you drink some water over this before you give yourself grey hairs...

who cares anyway? would whosoever one take into consideration your needs? I think not

Naapali said...

true, e no make sense.

did I sense the hint of a badderchic here? no!

theicequeen said...

lololol, its funny how i had a similar rant a feww days ago on my blog..this country has issssssuuuues mehn!

o nd nice blog.

OluwaDee said...

thats 9ja 4 u.
It wil b a bad idea 2 privatize elections.

Your post enlightened me on d election process in 9ja.

wavemasta said...

Hey...I went to mayflower and we also share the same bday. Just found your blog....what happened with the maria chick now?

ablackjamesbond said...

Feel you my bro...issues like that cause my heart to ache and weep for my country...when are we going to get it right? Who is going to make things right? Who can make them right?

*shakes his head and walks away*

Anonymous said...

Nigeria for u

Today's ranting said...

Naija sha with this election thingy ehn.election tribunal today, election nulification tomorrow and election re-run the next day. Haba isn't it so pathetic that we are still talking about elections after how many months ago a national election took place? Well i can't forsee a re- run in edo state cause Oshiomole won outright.

Mz. Dee said...

I totali feel ur frustration...Itz really bloody annoying the way INEC handled this whole election.. in fact.. d way the government handled it!!
Loved the way u dropped the INEC bomb tho! Lolz!

Nine said...

Don't blame INEC.That's sorta like kicking a dog because it was peeing in your yard:it's what they do.Blame the people who contracted them to repeat the same election.

Insanity:Repeating the same action in the same circumstance expecting to get a different result.Which does sum up this topic.

Nine said...

Harsh?Maybe.True?You judge.

N.I.M.M.O said...

@Sasuke: Agree with you. Na Naija we dey. Is this not your first time here? *Bell-o-blessing* for coming first and for fist time. Talk of double honors. Thanx.
@B-Chic: Chairlady, welcome back. Thanx for stopping by.
@Catwalq: Will agree with you; before person come die for Nigeria matter.[Heys! Omo oni pure water, your pure water cold?]. LOL. Many thanx.
@Naapali: See? We agree again. E no make sense at all. Many thanx.
@Ice Q: *Bell-o-blessings*. M'Sis, it seems ranting is all we can do when it comes to Naija matters o. E go better sha. Many thanx.
@Oluwa D: The privatization idea came out of desperation jare. Many thanx for stopping by.
@Wave: *Bell-o-blessing*. An ExMay in the house. Thats cool. Asking for your student number would be outing, but you have my email abi? Many thanx for stopping by.
@Black007: To your questions:
Soon, very soon.
You. And Me.
You. And Me. Again.
Pls dont walk away.
Vote for me. NIMMO for Prez. LOL. Many thanx.
@Overwhelmed: Na so o. Wetin we go do? Many thanx.
@Ranting 2day: *Bell-o-blessings*. Pathetic I agree. Thats why we rant o. On Edo state: You wanna bet? Many thanx.
@Mz.D: *Bell-o-blessings*. The 2007 elections is still adjudged the worst even by Naija's standards. Go figure. Many thanx.
@Nine: Methinks the insanity gotta stop at some point. We can't continue peeing in the same spot now, abi? Many thanx.

Uzezi said...

oh God. I just dont want to think of it at all again. INEC?


It is suspicious that Iwu was not discharged from his position and some sort of reorganization did not happen at INEC given the obvious failures of last year's election. But, are we really surprised?

I know I'm not. Nice post NIMMO. Glad to know I am not the only blogger questioning the madness openly.

How ya pikin?


NikkiSab said...

Bros make i send u panadol or ala bu kun? Na prayer nigeria de n hope for d best. First time here, will cruise by always.

Afrobabe said...

Things are just messed up...I for one wish we can have a president who concentrates on only one thing...

Maybe they should do it that way...during ur tenure concentrate on electricity till it is fully solved then the next president concentrates on monitoring that the electricity remains at that level or above while his main objective is roads.....

Imagine what we would achieve in 20 yrs

N.I.M.M.O said...

@Uzi: Abi?
@Solomonsydelle: Iwu not being arrested and jailed is what dont make sense in this whole saga. We are doing well. Many thanx.
@Nikki: We never pray enough? *Bell-o-blessing* for being your first time here. Many thanx for stopping by.
@Afro: I agree that a lack of focus is one of our problems here. maybe Afro's Formula would help o. If only they will try it. Many thanx.

guerreiranigeriana said...

very frustrating indeed...and e no make sense...i have to remind myself at times that around the world, a lot of shit no make sense otherwise i might die from the despair...what bothers me most is that innocent people-like your new light and my nephew and ssd and naapali's beautiful wonders-suffer for the greed, selfishness, insanity, etc. of a few fuckfaces (excuse the language but this shit really irks me)...

guerreiranigeriana said...

wait o!!!...so you are running for president?...abeg, when you win, can you appoint me minister of health?...i can even share the post with nneoma...in fact, i can do my 'special' dances to ensure that you win...just let me know when you need me to do my campaign dances o!!;)...

N.I.M.M.O said...

@GNaija: Really, I've never seen you write like this before. With so many f-words and such. This must really irk you and rightly so too. Come 2011, I will take you up on your offer to dance Ngolo at the campaigns o. LOL. Many thanx.

guerreiranigeriana said...

so you know about ngolo eh?...

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