Friday, April 11, 2008

Holy Moses!

He was murdered. By 'unknown assailants' the report said.
But GOD knows them.
And maybe he did too. Or maybe not.
Obviously they knew him not.
Or they wouldn't have killed him.

Memories are all we have now. I still remember him.

We met back then at our initiation as the newest members of the Supremost Komradium The Keggites Klub (a.k.a Palmwine Drinkerds Club) at the Moda Shrine (Ilya Ovia) very close to the School of Dentistry, UNIBEN. It was a 'wet tapping'. He was a dark quiet guy. He talked with a slight stutter. Maybe that was why he usually kept quiet.

With some other new Comrads, we got talking and introduced ourselves.

'Hi, I'm Nimmo. Yada yada yada yada yada ...'.

We gave and received the one-finger-salute.

'Hi, I'm Moses.'

A 'wet tapping' is a meeting of the Komradium where the palmwine flows freely but Moses did not drink. A Keggite who does not drink was called 'Holy'. He was a 'Holy'. Holy Moses.

('H-o-l-y M-o-s-e-s' was also an exclamation made popular by the character Mr. B in Ken Saro Wiwa's sitcom of the 80s, Basi & Company).

I remember the Parliament of the UNIBEN Student Union Government. This was during the period of Joseph Okonmah as President UNIBEN-SUG, his impeachment and removal from office.

Members of the Parliament are addressed formally as 'Honorable' followed by the member's surname. Except Moses. Everybody called him 'Honorable Holy Moses'. At some point, even the Speaker got tired of correcting Parliamentarians on the formal mode of address. Honorable Holy Moses had the floor a lot that night.

After we left school, we met severally in Lagos particularly around Ojuelegba where he lived with his family. He was a banker. And from what I gathered, he was one of the whiz kids of the industry with a fast rising profile.

Last time I saw him was in January. I was crossing the road to my car parked on Tejuosho Road, by the FCMB branch there, when a car swerved and parked close to me on the kerb.

'Who be dis person who wan oppress me with new motor so? Person no fit waka for leg again?'.

It was a new Toyota Corolla painted in the colors of a particular bank.

'Baba Nimmo What-I-saw'.

Very few people called me that. I looked closely and recognized him.

'Holy Moses! Wetin dey happen? Omo, dis na new one o. Don't tell me you have changed bank again.'

'Omo na so o but my branch still dey Apapa sha.'

He gave me his card. We talked some more. About our families. About the other friends with whom we had lost contact. About the need to keep in touch.

On Wednesday, I got to the office and saw it in the papers. A full page notice by a Committee of Friends. I called a few people if it was true. They confirmed it. It is true.

Adieu Moses Leseremejuma Ejueyitchie. 1967-2008.

Holy Moses.


ablackjamesbond said...

Another life taken at its prime. Sad.

May God strengthen his family to bear the loss.

guerreiranigeriana said...

how awful!!!...God rest his soul...was it natural?...

Naapali said...

Pele on the loss of a friend.

bumight said...

May his soul Rest in Peace.

so u are a keggite too? hmmmnnnn, nice...

guerreiranigeriana said...

uh...please excuse the last part of my first comment...i hate when people ask questions that are answered in the this case, twas the first thing you said!...hope you are well...

anonymous gal said...

i read that story in the sad.these robbers/assasins are havin a field day in nigieria. sori 4 ur loss. i pray 4 his family.

Jaybabe said...

God!...may his soul R.I.P

First time here. And thanx for stopping by.

Anu boy said...

so sad, may his soul rest in peace....


When will the madness stop? May God have mercy upon Holy Moses's soul. May God also have mercy upon those that took his life. May God give strength to his loved ones that are burdened with this loss and may God have mercy on all of us.

princesa said...

May his soul RIP.
My prayer daily is may bad people never see us in Jesus name, amen!

N.I.M.M.O said...

@ALL: Many thanx for your comments and all. Its a sad reminder of the sorry state of our security situation particularly in Lagos.

He had since been buried on Thursday 10th April. There was a such a large turn out of youths at the funeral service at the Queen of Nigeria Catholic Church in Ojuelegba, Surulere that you'd have thought he was a politician or something.

He grew up in Ojuelegba himself and was obviously very much involved in his community and its youth. One could not but be moved.

Many thanx again.

wavemasta said...

May his soul R.I.P, tis just so sad these assasins think they can do whatever they want and get away with it..anyways Jah dey sha..

Free-flowing Florida said...

we had hoped all these killings has stopped 4 good

doesn't look like it

Abimars said...

very sad indeed, Moses and I worked together for many years and he taught me so much about banking.
May his Soul rest in Peace

WeirdGurl said...

May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.
this is sooo sad. he had a bright future.

blacknose said...

Its lovely seeing all comments left for my friend and brother. He was not only an inspiration but an absolute gentle man who believed in Nigeria. I gave him a chance few years ago to relocate to England where I live and listen to his reply 'if we all run away, who will fix it? I will make it in Nigeria and change it for the better'. Well Holy, you did not live that dream but we your friend and family will fulfill it for you. He was the Godfather to my two boys, a role he fulfilled with pride. It has taken me eight months to search and post something about you but believe it friend, I have just started to immortalise your memory. You will be remembered. This is not a space for the killers who do not deserve to be mentioned or for the Nigeria authorities who cant control road works where he was trapped in traffic in Apapa. I will visit those topics in future, but this page is for you my friend and brother.

As I celebrate Christmas, I will look at my boys and your widow and my entire family and say a prayer for you.

For other friends, dont loose the dream and if you feel up to it contact me at and will update you on future plans. Thanks again for your lovely taught

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