Monday, October 26, 2009

Me, Tarzan

So I finally went to the Theater@Terra with Madam to see the Tarzan Monologues.

Yeah, I know. The whole world and his wife had already seen it.

We were probably the last couple in. We had to attend an Uncle's 40th wedding anniversary (yes 4-zero) and thus missed the 3 o'clock show. We barely made the 6 o'clock.

I finally saw Laspapi. No, I did not get to meet him. He was just too busy. I think the guy took on too many roles.

Writer, Producer, Director, Ticket seller, Ticket puncher, Doorman, Compere, Show Opener, Show Closer. etc etc etc. I know the budget was tight but there must have been other guys who could do other things.

But the show must go on.

The show itself was superb. I cannot now say whether it was superb acting or superb directing. I think all the actors gave a good account of themselves. But then, the play itself was very well written. An actor's delight, you might call it. Allowed them a lot of freedom to express themselves.

All the monologues were well delivered.

One question. Why Tarzan Monologues? Why not Penis Monologues? Or just P-Monologues? Like the female version.

Why Jack Gowon's Mother? Why not Yakubu Gowon's Mother? Most Nigerians don't know him as Jack. Maybe this was written for a British audience. Maybe.

And the 6 Myths About Marriage , Madam would not let me hear the last of them. Particularly the 6th one.

We got home quite late last night. We went elsewhere after the Monologues.

My mother was with us. She had come for her brother's wedding anniversary. And she asked me. Remember, there were two of us who came home late but she asked me:

N'ibo n'iwo ti n'bo l'oru yi? (Where are you coming from this night?)

In my own house?!!!!


Myne Whitman said...

LOL, you're still a mummy's boy!

I also asked why Tarzan? Not a very good analogy to me but it sounds nice I have to say. But I'm always happy to hear of such good things happening. I do hope they get to travel and to somewhere I can see them. What are the six myths? LOL

N.I.M.M.O said...

@My neW hitman: Actually that was the 6th Myth; that a man will outgrow his mother after marriage.

Any woman who believes that needs help.

Will you allow another woman to take over your son simply because you allowed her to marry him?

Many thanx for your comments.

My World said...

In ma own house indeed......
Yea,I'v heard abt that too and yet to watch it but it sure sounds like you had fun!

aeedeeaee said...

lol. That was soooo true! (i was there too after putting it off all month long) Most men are in one way or the other latched on to their mothers...My major agro with my Ex was his penchant for saying things like "Iya so pe..." I fled!

As for the Title, i think it's a male-macho thing. Just saying! lol

Black Man Comes said...

I saw the show too. Too funny, and yes excellent.

Just the perfect day for your mother to prove the myth wrong. I always wondered, when I am married in my own home, will my dear mother stop lecturing me about life and where I go? From your example, I guess not.

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