Friday, October 16, 2009

Why Do Women Have Sex?

Simple question, right?


Even in a study conducted by women on women, it still comes out that no one but NO ONE can understand women.

In the online survey of 1,000 women aged from 18 to 87 by Meston and Buss, as reported by Deborah Kotz in the USNews, you would have expected to get simple straight forward answers like for procreation, or for pleasure but the number one reason women have sex is ... wait for it ...... because they are attracted to their partners!

What has attraction got to do with anything? Hey, what do I know, I'm just a man abi? Lower down the list were reasons connected with love and emotional bonding.

There were other reasons too:
- to bring them closer to God. Really?!
- to get back at partners who weren't faithful by having sex with someone else.
- Competition 'Gotcha' sex: who gets him first!
- to get another notch on their belt, which we typically think of as something men do.
- to get rid of their virginity. O m'eziokwu!
- Sympathy sex" because they felt sorry for their mate. The poor guy will NEVER hear the last of it.
- Economic Exchange sex to land a job or promotion or to get money or drugs. OK.OK.OK.

But you will not believe that after all these confessions and enlightening revelations, the authors still arrived at some very strange conclusions like
" .... we see that men are still more likely to engage in uncommitted sex, like one-night stands .. "
"... more women still make the connection between love and sex..."
"... men are definitely more willing to have sex because of physical attraction ...". W-h-h-a-a-a-a-a-t?!!!

Anyway, was it not a woman who said that men are dogs because they sleep around. As if they sleep with goats.

And this lie that women make the connection between love and sex should stop o. If this were so, why do men fall in love with prostitutes? Hello, Pretty Woman!


akaBagucci said...

intriguing question mehn..... the really SMH one was the getting close to God reason.. that must be soe God mehn...

Myne Whitman said...

How many real pretty women stories are there? I'm not surprised by the closer to God part. Sex is supposed to be spiritual no? And yeah we women are emotional beings. LOL akuko. Let me go see your links to clarify the comparison to men. Was there another research?

Tisha said...

I would only have sex with my husbad
...and only because i was in-love with him, emotionally committed and with a heart commitment too.

Why do men fall in-love with prostitute. men never fall in love with good sex, i think its because they get to know the person inside the body and not just the body.

Anonymous said...

The BIGGEST lie being propagated by this pseudo-scientist is that Women are different from Men. We ARE not! We have sex for the same reason Men do because it makes us feel good! End of story. The feel good may be emotional feel good or physical feel good. and I is OUT!

Sugarking said...

Very controversial topic right here man. Nice one. I woulda loved to agree with temite more, but we all know that after all the forming most women do, its hard to believe that. But as d'banj rightly put it "I know dem like koboko!!!"


yes, this is the same research that showed women have sex to be closer to God. My husband sent that to me via email and it cracked us up.

Other than that, I am staying out of this. Will watch the discussion from afar.

How now, N.I.M.M.O.?


nanijoe said...

Women have sex for the exact same reasons that men do. They just lie to themselves (and researchers) about it.

*resists the strong urge to provide anecdotal evidence*

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