Friday, November 14, 2008

Fundamental Human Rice & Other Stories

Have you heard that President UMYAwn has started distributing the 10 billion Naira Rice Development Fund established by the Federal Government as part of his efforts in ensuring the Fundamental Human Rice of Nigerians as enshrined in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria?

The money is to be made available to rice farmers in Nigeria to empower them 'offset the deficit of over two million tonnes currently being imported annually; boost local production; create employment and conserve the nation’s foreign reserve.’

I know that the price of a bag of imported rice has gone up but even at that the price of the local rice (ofada/abakaliki) is still double that of the imported one. By simple economics, the local rice farmers must be making a killing.

If you have ever wanted to collect your own share of the National Cake, this is your best chance. Did I mention that being a card-carrying member of the 'biggest party in Africa -PDP would help greatly?

Rating The Navy
It appears that the Nigerian Navy is going through some troubled waters in recent times. Its ratings in the opinion of most Nigerians would be at an all time low by now. And this is all due to the activities of its Ratings.

After six Naval Ratings beat up Uzoma Okere for not leaving the road for their oga last week, another set of two Naval Ratings again went on rampage in Ota, Ogun State this time leaving one policeman dead and another in hospital after a scuffle over a girlfriend.

Our people say that when a drum wants to tear, it starts sounding high notes.

Is Obama A Blackman?
This question was asked by Mr. Bisi Ojediran, a columnist with ThisDay Newspaper. But it was really a question I had asked myself during the events immediately preceding and since November 4th 2008. In the article, the writer argues that President-elect Obama is more the product of his 'white' upbringing than his Africanness.

Personally, I believe that the world did not seem to recognize nor appreciate enough the contributions of two 'white' women in the molding and making of the man who becomes the next President of the US - his mother and grand-mother. It appears that people give too much credit to the largely absent parent in this configuration - the Kenyan father.

My Kenyan friends argue that the father contributed the genes (the dominant Y in this case) and you could see the Africanness in his skin color, his respect for elders (he never insulted McCain even in the face of extreme provocation. OK, maybe he tasi Sarah Palin once or twice but na she start am; he no be her mate) and you could see the self-assured cockiness of the Luo in him.

We must also not forget that he spent a few years in Indonesia which would have rubbed off him one way or the other. Don't also forget Michelle, she's been working at him for 16 years now!

I think its a continuation of the Nature-Nurture Controversy that has been on for centuries now. I believe it all contributed to making the unique individual we have come to know.

What do you think? Is Obama a Blackman?


Just...Toluwa said...

hmmm...Obama is a Blackman. His mother probably instilled some africaness in him too. I mean she was with his father for a while to know a bit of the culture.

And he has travelled. I wld say he is a Black Man at heart!

miz-cynic said...

c me c troble o.wetin bin in skin color?

miz-cynic said...

c me c troble o.wetin bin in skin color?

badderchic said...

Obama is a Mulato.

single and short.

Naapali said...

re Obama, perhaps Mr. Ojediran should read the Associated Press report about a town in Maine where they have started a collection betting on how soon he will be assassinated and by what means, or the town in Georgia where crosses have been burned on the lawns of Obama supporters.

darkelcee said...

hmmm, obama aint a black person. because if he is he prolly wont be president elecet.

let him come from kenya straight up and try contesting.....he wouldnt have made it thru the primaries.

Guess he is just a true american with a lil african blood. abi?

N.I.M.M.O said...

@Just ...T: 'Obama is a Blackman'. I like that. Straight. But is he really? I wonder how his 'white' mother could have instilled some 'africaness' into him given that she only knew his dad rather briefly. Don't mind me, just playing the Devil's Advocate. Many thanx for your comments.

@Mizzy: Na skin we go dey look? You never see Albino before? Wetin we go call dat one? Many thanx.

@Chairlady: Mulato. Trust Badder for big english. Clap for yourself; you have won a scoop of Fan ice cream. Come and claim your prize. LOL. Manythanx.

@Doc Naaps: It appears this race issue is a bigger problem than one thought. As it is, a large number (majority?) of white people have seen the inevitability of Obama's ascension but some will still wish to hold back the hands of the clock.

But then, its normal for bigots to refuse to see the obvious change in consciousness and still hang on to the vestiges of their hate for as long as they can. As long as their hate can carry.

To some of us, the peculiar configurations of Obama's birth, life's circumstances and manner of ascension are not (cannot be) humanly ordered but divinely ordained.

It is America's finest hour, but then it could be its worst.

Many thanx my brother for your usually incisive insights.

@Dark LC: True American with lil African blood or True African with lil American blood? Maybe thats why he's an African-American. Maybe thats why he's 'black'.

You'd probably heard of the One-Drop-Rule which states that as long as a person has even one drop of African blood, he's considered black in the US South during the Segregation Era.

Many thanx my sister.

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