Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Taking Over Nigeria

Please read this post by a young Nigerian who has a passion for things Nigerian. Even if you don't agree with him completely, you should be impressed with his 'Can Do' attitude.

Even to the Naysayers, we say it is possible.

There is a groundswell going round the country and the resolve is for us to take our country back.

The post is even written in most part in the past tense. It has already happened!

When your children ask you: 'Mummy, where were you when it happened?'

How will you answer?

Are you game?


naijalines said...

I don't think it should matter what age you are in order to support the postive vision championed by this young man. Lets not bring ageism into it. Anyone who is for change should indeed join the cause for a bright Nigerian future.

naijalines said...

My reference to age is in response to the young writer's vision about getting people under a certain age to come together and support his vision.

N.I.M.M.O said...

@Naijalines: Shuo! You didn't even wait for me to finish the post. I was about to claim the first spot but you beat me to it.

I don't think its really limited to the under-40s, but you will agree that the energy of youth is important in this endeavor.

Ageism, as you call it is not really the issue but remember that the vision has a time element to it. By 2011, we will all be much older than we are right now.

I read in the papers that Atiku Abubakar says he will be preseident come 2011. He is 62 now, he will be 65 then. We shall see.

Many thanx for your comments.

naijalines said...

Yes the energy of youth is important but so is the wisdom of the old. Everyone should work together for a corruption free Nigeria. Corruption is rife in the younger generation too...419?

Don't mind the dinosaurs like Abubakar. There are forward thinking middle aged adults who want a different nigeria too.

But I do get your drift. Thanks for your reply.

naijalines said...

Am I dominating this blog?

About beating you to comments on your own post...I've got a very sharp sixth sense!

Just saw your comment on your friend's blog about mushin and lagos island guys being current with the world music charts, lol.

Uzezi said...

i am for change. have always believed in Nigeria.

Vera Ezimora said...

Chai...that will be the day sha. I hope it all happens in my generation. Why shall I shy? And it better happen b4 I turn 40 oh!

Anonymous said... time we shall have what we so desire. Yes, we can take our Nigeria. However, everyone of us that wants to be part of this history will have to consciously do our part.

What is our part? In two lines....
Do what is right.
Accept not what is not right.


off to read, hopefully

wordsmith said...

serious stuff to think about

kay-shawn said...

I think age plays an important role in choosing the right leader. Most of those who voted for Obama were younger than him. There's a dynamism which comes with youth. The older generation are either part of the rot or just complascent. A 'profilgate generation' Wole Soyinka calls them.

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