Monday, August 17, 2009

Use of English

You are a female professional; you have been at work all day and just about closing time, your phone rings; Its your significant other -husband, boyfriend, fiancee etc -and you have the following conversation. Choose the most appropriate answer from the choices provided:

SF: Hey babe,
YOU: Hey you.
SF: You sound tired; How has your day been?
YOU: It's been hectic, been on my feet all day, y'know sorting through so many reports and
trying to collate something for my boss. My feet are killing me right now
SF: Eeh yah, sorry... but have you had lunch?
YOU: Oh yes, we did ... my boss ordered Chinese and we had lunch right here in the office!
Can you imagine? The man has been on my neck all day!
SF: Ndo, so when are you getting off work? Will you be working late?
YOU: Ermm ... I should be done by seven or thereabouts?
SF: OK, I should be done by then too; I will pick you up on my way back home ....
YOU: How sweet of you, hon, but don't worry ..

A.) ... I am going home with my boss tonight ..
B.) .... my boss is taking me home tonight ....
C.) .... my boss and I are going home together ...
D.) ..... my boss is giving me a ride home ...
E.) None of the above. I would have said ..........................................................................

Remember, the wrong answer can wreck your relationship.


chayoma said...

(D) my boss is giving me a ride home.
Now i was gonna say (e) but if he discovers that "my boss" dropped me off, he wld go off on a tangent, thinkng that there is smthing going on, and thus i omittedly lied!
With (d), it sounds like an act of kindness for the hectic day he put me thru and i see nada into it.
That is my two cents oh!

Kafo said...

being that work is going to be done by 7pm there is no need for mii to spend anytime more with my taxmaster boss so A,B,C are out of it

if the boss is giving mii a ride home as payment for being such a hard master during the day i will choose D

if not
but don't worry i am going to catch a cab i need time to clear my head before coming home to you, please run mii a bath tho. i love u

A,B,C are not answers that should exist if you are really in a committed relationship,

i like the way thatjust by manipulating the words in a sentence you can portray a different message

N.I.M.M.O said...

@ALL: Wow! You guys have even taken this beyond what I thot. Good insights.

The full story coming up in the next post.

Many thanx.

Nice Anon said...

None of the above biko. Come and pick me up unless of course something is happening with the boss

Original Mgbeke said...


doll said...

i have made arrangements for a cab

Repressed One said...

"...oh i was going to have my boss give me a ride home. I can ask him not to bother if you'd rather stop by."

N.I.M.M.O said...

@9ice: Abi o!
@Mgbeks: LOL!
@Doll: Shuo! When the guy was offering to come and pick you? Wetin cause WWI no reach dat one o.
@Repressed: The man who marries you will be very lucky. Such diplomacy!

Tisha said...

can you wait? if you can please do.

don't like any of your options.

Ms. 'dufa said...

Why would she prefer her boss dropping her off than her husband-to be, coming to pick her.
On a second thought, maybe she didn't want to disturb him...Then D! would have been d best option

Ms Sula said...

Ok, I am late as God knows what but I have to add my answer:

E.) None of the above. I would have said: "How sweet Honey, but don't worry about dinner tonight, I have something special planned for you"

Then that is in an ideal situation. :)

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