Tuesday, August 25, 2009

That's What She Said!

The last two posts have been about a little problem I had to help a couple deal with but the variety of responses to it has been interesting to say the least. And it seems to get more interesting by the day.

Let me also state here that there was no issue of breaking the relationship or calling off the wedding or such. I sincerely don't know if I gave that impression anywhere. We are trying to find a solution and you guys were already calling it off. Haba!

I have known the couple in question for quite a while and though I cannot say that I introduced them to each other, I have been quite close to them and know a little about the relationship. I have been like an Egbon to both parties and that was why they brought the matter to me.

Moreover, the Boss in the story is an acquaintance of mine and I am certain there is nothing going on between him and the subordinate. While he is not a saint, he operates on the maxim that 'elephants don't eat the grass under them'. If you know what I mean.

Definitive said:
"I think the main issue here is her fiancee OFFERED to come pick her up, but she PREFERRED to go with her boss, especially [when] she knew her relationship with her boss was already suspect, I definitely think she said the wrong thing. She should try and talk to her fiancee and sort things out. More like ask someone whom he respects to talk to him on her behalf".
Men are such jealous animals. She wounded his ego and that was his way of getting his pound of flesh. Anyway, that was my conclusions and the basis of my counsel. Thanks Definitive.

TemmyTayo also said:
" ... My yoruba is not perfect so I sometimes get into trouble with my husband too. But well, he trusts me. So when I say rubbish he gently reminds me how many meanings people can read into what i have said... "
It is actually more common than we want to admit particularly with couples who do not speak the have the same proficiency in the mother tongue. My wife speaks Yoruba very well but sometimes, I cringe at some things she says in Yoruba.

Several years ago, the then Bendel Broadcasting Service used to end their late night news bulletin in Yoruba with 'Ka sun re o' (May we rest in peace) to bid its listeners a good night's rest. After some time they changed to 'Ka sun l'ayo o' (May we rest with joy) which did not quite hit the mark too. Eventually they settled for the universal 'O d'aaro o' (Till the day break/morning).

Beneath that however was the issue of how some things we say can have more than one meaning and the alternative meaning usually carries a sexual connotation. In the US -I believe -the exclamation 'That's What She Said! is a statement used to draw attention to a phrase that could possibly be interpreted as sexual innuendo.

This occurs in every language. The Yoruba one about 'Eddie and Okonta' still cracks me up anytime.

Do you remember any one?


Nice Anon said...

Well she preferred is the case here abi? This whole thing is making a mountain out of nothing if you ask me. haba!

Anonymous said...

Parlate Bene i.e. Well Said!

Kafo said...

oh my word

Anonymous said...

yer....so are they ok now?

Tisha said...

the guy should chill out o

since you know his fiancee is safe, tell him now, as you say you are egbon so he should ease off on the stress he's handing out to her

you sound like a guy...

(pls laugh it off for him o even if he can't initiate it)

N.I.M.M.O said...

@9ice: Yes O! It was all about 'preference'. But then if the guy had not offered, we would have said he was not a gentleman but then he did and was rejected. Abeg, the thing dey pain o. Many thanx.
@Chari: Shebi.
@Kafo: Many thanx.
@Tem: Yes they are OK. Bruised egos have been massaged and what needs to be done has been done behind closed doors. What more can we do?
@Tisha: Boys will always be boys with egos but its all sorted out now. Many thanx.

Splash said...

thank God for them o!

Myne Whitman said...

Glad they sorted it out. E be like say you be old school like moi?

Buttercup said...

Glad breaking up wasnt an issue here!

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