Friday, March 13, 2009

Fasting Fridays

AJANI: Shukudi! Shukudi! Ore mi to da! How now? This one that your face is squeezing so, I hope all is well o.

CHUKWUDI: Ajani-jani! my friend. All is well. Its just that I am fasting.

AJANI: Ah! Fasting. I forgot its Lent period. Pele o. Sorry.

CHUKWUDI: What is kpele in this one now? Simply because I'm fasting. Did I say anything is wrong with me?

AJANI: OK then. E ku oungbe o. E ku ise emi. Olorun a san wa l'esan rere.

CHUKWUDI: (laughs). Better. E ku fasting. I know Yoruba has a greeting for every situation but what is all these ngbati-ngbati you just poured on me now?

AJANI: So somebody cannot greet you again. When you were carrying your face like masquerade who wan shit what would somebody say?

CHUKWUDI: Bia, Ajani if you don't have anything else to say, come and be going before you spoil my fasting.


Kafo said...

i like this one

eku eku fasting ooooooo

Danny Bagucci said...

wow.. maybe that's sthng i should pick up -- fasting one day in the week!

theicequeen said...

hmmmm...this is an idea o...choose a day to fast...cuz lord knows all this 40 days adventure thing will not work at al at all! lol...fridays seems rhymes! :P

...and what was that one looking constipated for sef? one day of fasting? hmph!:P

NoLimit said...

Mgbati mgbati!lol that is sooo funny!
e ku fasting o!

N.I.M.M.O said...

@ALL: Many thanx for your comments.

Really, it amazes me how one sets out to write about something but then ends up writing about something else which seems not related to what one set out to write but then people read it and get the original intended message.

I know you don't understand - yet. I will explain in my next post.

Thanx again.

ChiefO said...


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