Friday, March 20, 2009

Fasting Fridays: Be Cause

Why do we fast?

There are several benefits to the practice of fasting particularly those of health and physical well being but most of the people who fast do it for 'spiritual' reasons.

On Ash Wednesday, there was an interesting discussion in my office about Lent with three different denominations of Christians having different views about it. The Catholics celebrate Lent while some others participate but there were those who do not see it as 'scriptural'.

They say that there was nowhere in the New Testament where fasting was recommended to Christians. Jesus fasted for 40 days but he didn't say anybody else should. Paul did not recommend it though there was reason to believe that he fasted himself.

I really do not know about this so I will just ask for your views or opinions. As Wikipedia will say [citations needed]

I believe every religion has one form of fast or the other. Islam recommends - nay, mandates- all faithfuls to observe the thirty days of Ramadan in a fast of holiness.

Why do we fast?

Francis, who is a member of ECKANKAR answers the question like a typical African. He asks another question:

'Why do we eat?' - to which he answers thus:

'We eat to keep body and soul together'

So, why do you fast?


Uzezi said...

wow. i hate to be first in this type o.

let me try and answer the question.
y do we fast?

we deny our body food to help us disassociate from the physical body, and get in the realm of the spirit so that our spirits who commune with God's spirit won't be distracted. in such moments we have supernatural strenght

it is letting go of everything around us and dwelling in the presence of God.

okay. i stop here. i cant put my thots in words properly.

but just so it is known, fasting doesn't automatically bring us that close to God when we have unresolved issues. the fasting will be in vain.

we should always remember obeying is better. and we have been commanded to forsake the ways of the world and identify with the death on the cross. understanding the significance of the cross.

fasting comes easy to us when we start growing spiritually, become mature in the word of the Lord. fasting isn't limited to Lent period only. it is an individual thing and what u want to achieve with it.

and studying the bible, meditating on the words, praying, fasting, giving etc go together in achieving that wonderful relationship with God.

Kafo said...

why do i fast
Uzezi u should have waited for about five minutes then I WOULD HAVE BEEN FIRST
but anyway sha

why do i fast?
i fast to get closer to God and remind myself of my dependence on him totally for mind, body, soul and sustenance.
when i fast i am weak and in this reduced state I am able to see mii for who i am really am
most of the time i'm cranky and mean and yeah...
i see mii
for all the scars and flaws

and then the other reason i fast is because God says so

Artsville said...

Very simply put, To keep body and soul apart.make that body and spirit.

N.I.M.M.O said...

@Uzi: CORRECT! I am sure if you go to pastoral school you will carry first. In fact you have said what I was trying to say.

And you were first too. [bell-o-blessing]. Many thanx.

@Kafo: Correct again! I agree that we fast to humble ourselves as we approach 'the Throne of Grace'. Many thanx.

@Arts: Correct again! Blessed indeed am I have all the spiritual gurus on my blog today. Soul is what we are and we fast to live as Soul that we are.

Many thanx for your comments.

Biddy said...

@ Uzi, you have said what was on my mind! addition, you can fast from things..i.e fasting from negative thinking,facebook, TV!lol can fast from things distracting you to keep your attention on things that will benefit you while reading God's word and praying..interestingly..i heard and i am doig my best to verify it that Christians actually fast the least among world thought was that they should come to Nigeria..where people live "fasted" lives!lol.

But from my observations in trying to verify the above statement.. i find out that we have more "obesed" christians than other could this be their diet or not fasting..answers anyone? @ N.I.M.M.O, thanks for this, indeed knowledge is power!

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