Thursday, March 20, 2008

Na Boy!: And His Name Shall Be Called .....

Da La Luz

For unto us a bouncing baby boy was born. Wednesday 19th March 2008 at 1100 Hours. Mother and baby are doing very well, Father has been detained by the Doctors for observation due to over excitement.

As is Yoruba custom, the isomoloruko (naming ceremony) will come up in eight days time and I usually allow all friends of the family to give names to the newborn.

So peeps, its time to start sending the names. I am collecting. Give the child a name.

Many thanx.


ablackjamesbond said...

Bros by now m sure u know i am stalking u.


His name shall be...

Onetoritsebawoete [He who has a convenant with God can never be put to shame] Its an Itsekiri name...and no i am not Itsekiri...I love that name...Its also my son's name.You can call him 'Bawo' for short.

Congrats again!

Jaycee said...

lolllll @ the father being detained for over-excitement!


Give the baby a name that has to do with JOY...for it brought joy to both mother and

Jinta said...

olaoluwa, omo baba e

Comb & Razor said...

much congratulations!

guerreiranigeriana said...

congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...yay!!...a little healthy boy (you know i love boys first) are blessed indeed...i can't even suggest a name as i haven't met your little light and would want to feel what he was giving/shining to the world...i know you will choose a name fitting of his person and to help shape the man he will grow to become...i share your joy o!!!'s to little n.i.m.m.o....*raises her glass of red wine in the air*...

Ms Sula said...

Congratulations on the new birth!

I wish I knew some fancy Yoruba names but I am pretty sure you and wifey will do just fine!

A Spring baby... Lots to look forward to.

Nine said...

The Entire Members of Blogville would like to felicitate with Chief and Mrs NIMMO on the occasion of the birth of their son,Master*insert name here*.

Now,names....I've always thought of Ndidi as a particularly beautiful Igbo name.Means "Patience" which is something I hope you have been stockpiling lol.

Anyway,hope the wife's okay.And my sincere congratulations.

Naapali said...




shall i go on?? i don dey collect baby names since i was 12 men!!!! lol


Naija Chickito said...

Awwww. Congrats o. God bless you all.


CONGRATULATIONS!!! I wouldn't dare suggest a name. After naming 3 children, I am wiped out, lol! But, I do know that God has sent you and your family an incredible blessing and this man will be a source of great happiness and joy to you.

God bless!

N.I.M.M.O said...

Many thanx y'all.
@Black007: I've had this thing for Itsekiri names too. Thanx for the name.
@Jaycee: A name for joy, coming up. Thanx.
@Jintaaah: Bros, thanx for the name o.
@C&R: Many thanx. Erm, where is the name?
@GNaija: Babe, I kept two spaces for you. One Efik and one Ibibio name from you. O ya start thinking. Many thanx while we wait...
@Ms Sula: Erm, how do you spell 'Spring Baby' in Yoruba? LOL. Many thanx for stopping by.
@9: Ndidi. Nice name. Many thanx for the name bro.
@Naapali: Olaitan. Many thanx for the name.
@36: *Bell-o-blessings*. Sister-mine, You definitely take all the prizes. Though Ayomide is already taken by his brother, Ademide is a name I like and actually makes for balance. Olaoluwakiitan is technically same as Olaitan by Naapali. Still, na you win. Many thanx.
@9ja Chick: Many thanx.
@Solomonsydelle: Many thanx o.

@ALL: Please find full names in the next post.

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