Friday, December 19, 2008

For Mugabe, One 'Indian Apple' Please!

I had written this as a comment on Solomonsydelle's post on Zimbabwe.

Pity Mugabe.

He's a hostage to his own history. His own myth. The myth of the Liberator. The African Strong Man who liberated his people from Colonialism. Now he must perpetuate the myth even if nobody but himself still believes it. He must live the myth. Even if it kills him. Even if it kills Zimbabwe.

He's a hostage to a group of greedy old men who make up his inner circle. Men who believe they own the land because they 'fought' for it. Even if Mugabe wants to leave, he cannot because he's beholden to those old men who were his comrades in the struggle.

Hangers-on and Parasites, I call them.

Mugabe reminds me in a way to Baroka in Wole Soyinka's play 'The Lion & The Jewel' in that he feels the need to prove his 'manliness' every time and in every discussion/ situation. He feels the need to be in 'control', even with inflation that has long spiraled out of control.

Pity Zimbabwe.

Hostage to a cabal that sucked her dry and like fastidious parasites have refused to let go even after they have sucked everything in her. Once Africa's Food Basket, now Africa's Basket Case.

Pity Zimbabweans.

Hostage to their own history. Beholden to a cabal who have long forgotten what it means to be responsible to them. I hope they are not waiting for a generation to die out before a Liberator who knows not Mugabe will rise from among them, because then the cycle will only repeat itself.

The latest death toll from the cholera epidemic in that country is 1, 123 deaths (mostly children) and Mugabe who once said the epidemic was over later turned around to say it was part of a 'chemical biological warfare' by some Western countries to topple his government. He had accused everybody except GOD and himself for all the woes befalling Zimbabwe.

He had accused neighboring Botswana of providing a training camp for Zimbabwean rebels.

The guy is on a roll. His party, the ZANU-PF just held its annual convention outside the capital Harare (they shipped in their own food and water) and then launched a new 10 billion Zim-dollar note in a hopeless effort to keep up with inflation. (I never believed that inflation can go into seven digits percentiles).

Then he woke up this morning and proclaimed that no African country has the guts to topple him.

Where are those Indian apples just when you need one?


kay-shawn said...

Honestly, I couldn't agree with you more regarding the Indian apples. However, remember that Britain and America only send Idian apples to countries where they drill oil. The major problem facing Zimbabwe is that they don't have oil. Or else America would have invaded on 'Humanitarian grounds'.

Anonymous said...

I am tired. I am really tired of our problems. The more you try to save a part of it the more another seam busts open with fetid puss from a wound not properly healed. It is truly dissapointing and tiring. I just want to give up!

Nine said...

Y'know,it's funny;Ronald Reagan gets Alzheimer's in office and still beats the Soviet Union.Mugabe goes senile and is striving to drag HIS country into Hell with him.

Hold off on the apples for a while longer,with any luck he'll so discredit his party that whoever takes over might actually have a free hand to improve things.

Pity His cabal's unlikely to drink V.Cholera infested water,though.

badderchic said...

Only One? just one? you cant be serious.

N.I.M.M.O said...

@Kay: True but I think the US has its plate full right now to waste its resources on Mugabe. Sincerely, the problem is Mugabe not Zimbabwe. Mugabe is Zimbabwe's problem. South Africa is really not helping issues but then even their patience with 'Comrade Bob' is wearing thin. Something should happen soon. Many thanx for your comments.
@Tem: I feel your pain but its not hopeless. There is hope on the horizon. Many thanx.
@9ine: Where have you been? The guy lost the last general elections but still refused to hand over after winning a moonslide victory in the purported rerun with the opposition run out of town. Now they are trying to work out a power sharing agreement which is going nowhere so far. I vote for Indian apples NOW. Many thanx.
@Chica: Shuo! How many apples can a man chop at the same time? You wicked o. The guy is 84 years old fa. Haba!

Ms Sula said...

I was listening to National Public Radio this morning, and I heard his speech. I was so upset I started yelling in my car alone.

Those old geezers need to pass on. At this point, in the case of Zimbabwe, it is a matter of life and death literally.

Sometimes, I wonder if it's just delusion or if there really is something bewitching about this power. It's unbelievable.

Seriously an Indian apple is badly needed... (or a very well-trained sniper)

Uzezi said...

i have a basket full of indian apples for u this season. merry christmas

ablackjamesbond said...

I have tried for a long time to understand why Mugabe is the way he is. Your post may have provided some perspective. Mt heart really weeps for Zimbabwe. My hear weeps for Africa.


ah, the 'abacha' solution for mugabe, eh?

Well, whatever will be will be, I just pray for better times for our brothers and sisters in Zim.

Happy New year, N.I.M.M.O. Hope your family and especially your young son are all well.

Isi said...

happy new year nimmo!

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