Friday, October 10, 2008

The Agony Of A Motherland

I have just read Solomonsydelle's post of last year on the pride and pain of Nigerian citizenship. I no fit disagree with a whole SSD but I would rather want to reverse roles a little.

Like Atutupoyoyo, I would rather see our relationship with Nigeria as that of a child to a parent rather than vice-versa. What will you do if Nigeria were your mother?

Even if we agree to ALL her shortcomings.

Will you strip her naked for the world to see or will you remove the shirt from your back to cover her nakedness?


Doja said...

What if the mother keeps refusing to be clothed...I would have her locked up!

Shubby Doo said...

i would hide her short comings from others but i would be honest with family...something has to be done...she needs medication to recover...or if that is 2 much for our generation...lets find a way to help her function in the here and now

bumight said...

I agree with shubby doo, her shortcomings should (if possible) be hidden from others, but not from family.

ablackjamesbond said...

True talk Shubby.

Uzezi said...

oya where is the update?

and i noticed that the comment i left the day you did this post is missing. why????

ibiluv said...

def clothe her
i keep saying it
we need to love this country more
loving it will make us DO all within US as a people and as individuals to SEE her succeed......


It depends on what induced the nakedness. And that is the truth.

What cause was there for the nakedness? Was the nakedness self induced? Why? Was the nakedness an affront from an outsider? Is the nakedness the result of sins committed thus acting as necessary retribution?

The issue is to complex to be simply delineated in terms of children and mothers.

I just got back from Jamaica yesterday. I had a lovely time, but everytime I produced my black kpali, or noted my Nigerian citizenship, I was asked additional questions and my paperwork was checked further to guarantee that they were not forged.

If my mother had gone out and fracked up so badly so as to cause me undue shame and hardship, I would still love my mother but I would hate the suffahead she had caused me. As such, I might just have to let her endure some shame. Thank God my mother and father gave me a good name as my inheritance. Thank God they have not caused me to consider bowing my hea din shame.

Unfortunately, Nigeria has failed to stand up to measure. Or shall I say its leadership? Or shall I say its people (myself included) who have allowed a minority of scoundrels to spoil our good name.

Anyway,as you can tell by the length of my response to such a simple question, I don't see these things in black or white. I see things in green. And over the course of my recent vacation, green has caused me quite a bit of wahala and disappointment. But wetin woman go do?

N.I.M.M.O said...

@doja: Lock her up@ LOL! Well at least that's a solution till a more permanent one is found right? Many thanx for your comment.
@Shubby doo: This comment had obviously taken some thought, like always. You may have to show me how you do it. You make such profound comments and I completely agree with you. We need to 'find a way to help her function in the here and now. Many thanx.
@Bumight: True talk. But somehow we have been pushing forward that 'family meeting' a.k.a Sovereign National Conference since like forever even though we all know it MUST be had for us to move forward. Many thanx.
@Black007: If anybody agree with Shubby again, I go vex o. 007, talk ya own now. Many thanx for the comments.
@Uzi: Sincerely, I dont know what happened. I remembered seeing three comments but I never checked them. How you dey? Much better now?

N.I.M.M.O said...

@Ibi: You have hit the nail right on the head. '.. we need to LOVE this country more ...'. We just don't love her enough, that's why things go wrong. Many thanx for this.
@SSD: As always your responses are on many levels. No one does it like you. You have so many faces to every issue. From this response though I believe you didn't read the previous post which was partly in response to your question about what makes me proud to be a Nigerian. I can tell you this though:

1. They check your passport again and again to make sure you are a Nigerian. We are a special breed and there are many fakes out there. Everybody wants to be a Nigerian. So don't blame them; be patient with them. It's the price we pay for greatness.

2. I am still racking my brain to fathom what my mother could possibly do to deserve being stripped naked by anybody, least of all by my own hands. But that is what we Nigerians do best. We denude Nigeria at every opportunity we have.

We strip our mother naked before the world and then accuse them of disrespecting us.

If you go behind those immigration counters where they subject your passports and person to intense, unwarranted scrutiny, you will find a Nigerian who probably told them:

'My people are criminals, search them well'.

Many so called Nigerian academics have produced heavily biased reports research works for foreign agencies that portray Nigerians in bad light just so that they could get jobs or 'green cards' from these countries.

The foreigners quote these Nigerian 'experts' anytime you challenge their action which are based on these reports. They mention some godforsaken names you have never heard before as their sources.

But then you wonder, 'Whose report would they believe? Haven't they heard of Wole Soyinka or Chinua Achebe or Jay Jay Okocha?' .

Of course they believe the reports they paid for.

3. The penultimate paragraph actually contains the answer to the questions we ask. I will quote Shubby Doo again ' .. let's find a way to help her function in the here and now..'

Many thanx for your comments.

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