Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Georgia On My Mind

WTF was the President of Georgia drinking when he ordered his troops to attack Russia?

This one is a clear case of ' trouble sleep, yanga go wake am'. You know say you no go fit fight you go tap sleeping giant wey get boil for armpit. No be wahala you dey find?

Even if Russia was occupying land that they believe was theirs, why didn't he take the Cameroun Option and go to the World Court to state his case rather than attack. And the attack was on a Russia that had been looking for an opportunity to exert itself and use its rotting ammunition and restless soldiers.

Well, I understand that Russia has ordered a halt to all hostilities as they have ' punished' the aggressors. Exact wordsof Russian President Medvedev: "The aggressor has been punished and suffered very significant losses. Its military has been disorganized." Now the Russians are asking the Georgian army to disarm and quit another disputed region outside of South Ossetia. Can you imagine? Talk of insult upon injury.

While one may join Dubya in asking Russia to 'reverse' its aggression and return to pre August 7th positions, I think someone should also smack the Georgian President Mikheil Nik'olozis dze Saakashvili for his youthful adventurism (he's just 40) and unnecessary risk of the lives of his countrymen. The attack was a waste of lives and resources.

Hopefully sha, next time when dem see dem Mama boyfriend, dem go call am daddy.


Naapali said...

Bro I hear you on this one. Methinks he is yet another American ally that has learnt the hard way that being a surrogate for a distant superpower does not mean you chance your local power. I think he interpreted signals from the US and EU as meaning they would intervene should Putin flex muscle. He did not count on Putin not only flexing muscle but smacking the crap out of him. Putin and by extension Russia have been looking for an opportunity to say they are a world power again. In a way I think it is also a way to draw some attention away from China and back to them.

The truth is for many policy makers and public alike in the US and Europe, Russia is now lookover territory as all eyes are on their Chinese neighbors.

It is ironic to think that in this world today, China is the most peaceful. At least if you use the standard of not invading a country you don't like to judge superpowers. Perhaps Taiwan should get very nervous.

Carlang said...

Whilst i sincerely mourn with them, My current major worry is not that Georgia was attacked.
My worry is that the mobilization of Tanks, the obvious indications of an invasion plan were, unnoticed by the US and in lesser part the world.

With the satellite's , spy planes and agent on the ground ( limited to be sure) it is worrisome that an invasion of this magnitude started without anyone suspecting!

Naapali said...

@ Carlang: I am sure they saw but wetin dem fit do?

Putin is clearly the kind of chessmaster who knows how to call the bluff of his opponent and when he does not win on the chessboard he scatters the game, slaps the opponent and declares himself the winner. The truth is that the UN as well as EU/USA are not equipped to deal with people like him especially as the geopolitic of the world hands Russia a lot of clout. All he has to do is turn of the gas pipelines and Europe will go darker than Ajegunle at midnight.

N.I.M.M.O said...

@Naapali: M'bros, you definitely have a better grasp of this issue sef. Thanx for breaking it down. I think the Georgians over played their hand this time. I do not support war of any form for any purpose but this was infantile and stupid in my opinion.

@Carl: As said, they saw but could do nothing. All the noise the UK and US are making now is just for the comfort of Georgia. What the Yorubas call 'Pele ma binu; iwo naa se lo to n'ija?' (Sorry, but why did you too go slap him?)

Also, this may put all the plans the US/UK have for attacking Iran on hold. Putin alone can stop them. Now they know he will.

badderchic said...

Ees very easy, the george president? he had shayod shayo shayo shayod! his head was not correct.

didnt he watch James Bond or x files? Russians scary meen!

Chari said...

Big Mistake that baba made mehn...in ma mind I was like wtf?

OKX said...

If they had word of the invasion it might explain why President Bush was conviniently away during the days of the opening salvo.

Still i find it hard to believe that such knowledge,(assuming the US did know) was not only kept silent from the world.
But also from the media houses.

If indeed the Us did know and refused to act on it ( the in availability of options being a possible and justified reason) then i commend them on the new record they have just set.

They possessed knowledge of an invasion and somehow kept it from the Media.

Ted Turner should be impressed!

N.I.M.M.O said...

@BC: Many people thot so too o. But which kind paraga (a.k.a Georgian Vodka) would that be to make you attack a whole Russia! The drink must be very strong; maybe they should our own UMYAwn some to open his eyes small. Maybe he can just ta si Cameroun small... Chairlady, I beg make I no go misyarn o. Many thanx for stopping by.
@chari: Actually had to do a quick take to see if this 'chari' was the one and only charizard. [Bell-o-blessings rings]. The whole world is still wondering what he was smoking o. Many thanx.
@okx: There is this school of thought that actually believes that it was the US that set Georgia up to it, to rile 'the Red Bear' Russia thus they would have have had to wait for Dubya to be safely in the White House before he can talk anything he wants. They knew but didn't know what to do about it. Sometimes, the networks do have the info but just keep it quiet. many thanx for your comments.

Allied said...

LOL... I agree but Russia has some nerves oh... what year do they think we are in? Ahh ahh... I know that Georgia “fi owo kerekere gba nla” but common!

I just hope Russia is in her senses cause now they are mad at US for taking Georgia’s side, I hope they don’t think they can take her. Abeg, make I dust my passport – I think I may find something to do in Ogun state.

Woomie O! said...

@ Carlang: we ALL saw it. Everybody just sat by and watched.
Someone was feeling high like Hitler...another one like Churchill...
wen they see them mama boyfriend, dem go call am Daddy. lol!


ah, come on, people. Georgia followed the script perfectly. The result was a military agreement between the US and Poland (which benefits the US, Western Europe and of course not Russia which has been against the pact from 'jump').

The second result was that even though Georgia 'fracked up', Russia overreacted, came across as a bully to the peace loving, Olympics watching developed world. This only served to increase the already heightened suspicions everyone has of the Kremlin. Thus making it a little easier for certain people/countries to isolate Russia just a little bit more.

See where I'm coming from? Its just the politics of distraction. Georgia did its part, the US, Poland, France did there's. I just hope that all parties do not one day wake up and realize it was all a silly waste.

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